The Hunger Games-Book and Movie

So this is about the Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins the book and the film. I’m sure you can guess why I’m writing this. If not its because Catching Fire the second in the series has just come out and i have yet to see it. I’m sure that it will be amazing but first lets talk about the Hunger Games. Now i can honestly say that the Hunger Games movie is the only film that has EVER made me cry. I cried at the part when Rue died because i think that it is terrible that a girl that small has to fight to the death against 18 year olds who have been trained to kill. That is very sad but the actual part that made me cry is that i think that Rue knew that she was not going to survive and i think that everyone in her district knew this yet no one volunteered for her. Why? Because they were all wimps but i guess that that makes me wimp because i would have stayed silent. I’m not happy about what i just said (wrote) but its true and i can’t deny it. I honestly don’t know very many people who would apart from parents for their kids. The book also made me cry when she died but the second book made me cry near the end after the games. Now i’m not going to say what part because sone people reading this might not have seen the film OR read the books. If you are one of those people, then read the books go out and buy the first film, watch it go buy tickets for the next film and fall in love with the series. They are amazing! I read all three three years ago in one night. I stayed up until one! 🙂 oops. I was annoyed though because i had to wait a year for the film to come out but then my mum wouldn’t left me watch it until last year so i missed out on all of the fun. Now I’m not going to talk about the second book or film (because i have not seen it) but i’ll talk about the first. I hated the seen of the reaping because the capitol had a sick idea that now has to be celebrated. Why? Because they’re freaks. They think that killing 23 children is acceptable because its a TV show. The kids get all pampered the night before they go into the arenas and then they get sent to fight to the death. That’s what i think about the Capitol. Now for the tributes. I think that the nastiest tribute is Glimmer. Now many people would say Cato or Clove (for me Clove ranks second) but i think Glimmer because i remember the scene just after the bloodbath when Katniss is in the tree sleeping and the Careers walk by and Glimmer is laughing saying “did you hear her ‘ Oh no! please don’t kill me!! Oh no!” and this is just plain cruel. Clove is second because at the Feast, Katniss gets ‘ambushed’ by Clove and then they fight a bit and then Clove takes out her knives and is taunting Katniss saying, “Where’s lover boy? Oh i see .you were going to help him right? Well its too bad you couldn’t help your little friend what was her name agin?Rue? Yeah well we killed her. And now we’re gonna kill you.” i think that this is such a disgusting scene that is done so well int eh movie and is written with such description in the books though at the end of the scene when Clove gets killed when Thresh makes a  dent in her skull with the rock (book) but also by bashing her head against the Cornicopia (movie) that is really gross. But now that i think about it, i also hate Marvel because even though he dies i think that he died really easily compared to how Rue died which was slowly when Marvel through a spear at her whereas Marvel died quickly by being shot with and arrow to the heart (movie,in the book neck) by Katniss. The careers were all cruel but after during the games in Panem, you see the betting boards where people bet on who is going to win and for Cato his score is really good but most people think that Rue is a goner. I really hate president Snow the most though because  he wants people to celebrate it when really if your chosen you die or you survive but you will have to live the rest of your life knowing that 23 other people had to die for you to be alive. And that is as sick and wrong as it gets. I know who my favourite characters are. In second place, Buttercup (the cat). I think that he has a great personality (catonality?) when he hisses at Katniss who says, “i’ll still cook you”. In first place though, is Foxface because she was smart enough to stay alive until the final four or five and the only thing that got her killed was Peeta’s ignorance when he was picking night lock berries thinking that they were edible when they weren’t but Foxface thought that Peeta knew that they were so she ate some of that, anyway i like her because she was cunning and smart and foxish (is that a word.) It would be awesome to know everyones favourites and least favourites but until thats possible (if ever) i cannot wait for Catching Fire and if you had not read any of the three books or seen either of the two films, watch them and read them though i do not personally think that you have read the third as many agree with me that it was the worst but still good. If you want to see the scenes that i mentioned from the movie click on the links below. Bye Continue reading