My first blog- ending of More than Jamie Baker.

So i’ve just finished reading the second book in the Being Jamie Baker series, More than Jamie Baker and i wanted to talk about what i thought about the book because no one i know has read either of them. I thought this aloud and my mum suggested that i start a blog. It was a great idea so here i am writing my first blog. This blog is going to be about both books and movies and maybe other things if i want to ‘discuss’ those too. So back to the blog, i wanted to discuss how at the end of the second book Jamie completely forgets who she is and what she can do after blowing up the Visticorp facility using her powers. I wanted to talk about the because she goes there to save Carter her friend the journalist which means she had to leave her boyfriend that just proposed to her, so really her fiancé and then she forgets everything. I think that this was a perfect ending for Teddy (Teodoro Vivenzio) but deffinately not one for Ryan (her fiancé) or Jamie. She wakes up in a crater of what used to be the Visticorp facility and Teddy takes advantage of her memory loss and tells her that he is called Antonio Stark, as this was the name that e was going to choose when they were in hiding, and tells her that she is called April O’Neil, the name she had chosen. I hate this ending because she should end up with Ryan at home with her parents and not have to ever deal with Visticorp ever again. Call me a sucker for cheesy endings. The only problem is my ideal ending would not make for a very interesting book. The ending that Kelly Oram gave is a perfect cliffhanger but the only problem is that the next book is not out yet. I hate it when that happens. I bought the book as soon as it came out (last night) and i am so annoyed that I only just finished it because i love it when a new book comes out even if it’s 11 at night when it comes out and i have school tomorrow i will stay up till 1 to finish the book no matter what the consequences. I sometimes wish that it would take me a year to read a book because then i wouldn’t have to wait for the next one to come out. Back to the book again, near(ish) the end of the book, she has to leave Ryan and her parents and Becky and everyone else (who is really not that many) to go into hiding. I don’t like the ending because Teddy is a backstabbing thing that pretends to be her friend but he really will do anything for Jamie to be his girlfriend. I hate him as a character in this book but i think that this book really needed him. Tell me your thoughts in the comments and i’ll be sure to check them.

Thanks for reading my first blog. I hope you enjoyed it,



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